Spread Kindness


Science of Catching Happiness

I encourage a daily DOSE of happiness in your home, at work, and in your life! Happiness leads to incredible outcomes such as increased mental and physical health, creativity, and productivity. The DOSE acronym stands for the positive physiological chemicals generated by happiness:

D - Dopamine
O - Oxytocin
S - Serotonin
E - Endorphins



The combination of kindness and happiness is a win-win in our day. Through Catch Happiness®, I encourage people to smile more often, give sincere compliments, be kind to strangers, and help others feel gratitude. These acts of kindness have many positive effects, including reducing the effects of aging and producing chemicals that increase blood flow to the heart. “Acting from the heart with kindness is good for your heart.”



Choose happiness now instead of waiting to find happiness through your achievements. With the advent of Epigenetics, we are cognizant of how important our environment is on the expression of our genes. There are many pieces to this complex puzzle, although experiencing happiness in our environment can potentially have a positive impact.

Ripple Effect

Kindness and smiles are contagious. Let's try to spread more acts of kindness and smiles in our day. Studies show the powerful ripple effect of one act of kindness. Science supports the idea that surrounding ourselves with kindness and happiness is key to our health. We should use this ripple effect to increase kindness, happiness and smiles with the help of Catch Happiness™. What do you want to bring to our world? I challenge you to start a kindness ripple.